For the responsible credit card holders

I use my credit card all the time.  I pay my credit card off each month.  The reason why I love using credit cards is because I am making more from using them.  One of my favorite cards that I use is Discover.  If you think about the fact that people use credit cards that gives you a extra month to allow your money to work for in interest.  On top of the 30 days until you pay the money in full you get rewards from Discover.  You can either get cash or gift cards to a bunch of places.  Each quarter of the year they offer different promotions where you get an additional 5% back on certain purchases.  Until the end of 2007 every time you will be getting money back on all purchases to Restaurants and Movies. Think about how much you spend eating out each month and take 5% back just for using a card and paying it off. Before you know it you will have a free gift cards or money to go out and spend just for using the card, paying it off, and being responsible. If you are going to use credit cards make sure you pay them off in full each month or else the rewards won’t matter because the interest on the cards will kill you.


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