Eating out lunch habits

I recently got married and I love it. Since coming back to work I have not been going out to lunch as much. The reason is not because I can’t afford it, but the amount of money I save and what I can do with the money. I was spending when I was eating out almost 5 days a week.  In the area where I work on average is about $10 a day for lunch.  Over the course of a year that is $2400 a year.  I started thinking that I still want to go out to eat with co-workers once a week.  So by me bringing my lunch each day it costs me roughly $3 a day at the very most for 4 days, plus the $10 I usually spend with co-workers totals $22 a week for lunches. I have figured that I cut my $50 a week eating lunch out habits into $22.  To eat lunch for the year it will cost me $1056 compared to the $2400 I have been spending and that most people do daily.  Yea I know I am only saving $1344 a year but to me this seems like a good idea.  I am able to eat more fresh food and not eat the greasy stuff everyday.  With all the savings from packing your lunch you can fund your retirement more, go on a annual vacation, give more to charity, put some into savings, pay of credit card debt if you have it, and so much more.  I challenge people to brown bag it to work and watch the money savings increase! 


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