Next big adventure

We all know someone who is good at recommendations.  If your car breaks down, friends and family can refer a place to get a fair deal to fix your car.   If you need to go to a specialist a family friend used someone that will help you.  What about if you need some yard work done? Someone will always be there to tell you who to use. Until my most recent trip the one thing that I never hear people telling others is to use a travel agent when it comes to travel. I went on a trip recently and priced it myself to the exact dollar.  I used all the fancy search tools online and coupon codes to find the best deal.  I finally gave in and was talking to my sister-in-law when she said email her travel agent and show her my price sheet to get a better deal. The agent emailed me back and saved me over $600 on my 2 week trip.  The agent did exactly what I said but she got a special rate that saved me money and totally a free service.  Travel agents do not get paid from me but from the services they sign us up for.  I recommend the next time you are planning a fun trip send your itinerary over to a travel agent and see if they can come back with a better price.  You have nothing to lose other than not spending 5 minutes emailing a travel agent and not saving some money on your next big adventure.


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