Got arthritis of the wrist from writing checks?

Here is what I consider that average batch (give or take a few) of Bills that people have to pay monthly.

  • Mortgage/ Rent

  • HOA

  • Electric

  • Water & Trash

  • Gas

  • Cell phone

  • Cable

  • Internet

  • Home Phone

  • Car Payment

  • Car Insurance

  • Credit Cards

Believe it or not there are still millions of people who pay bills monthly using Stamps.  Save yourself $0.41 for each bill you pay and use the free online bill pay through your bank. If your bank doesn’t offer it then move to a bank that does, because most offer it free now.  Pay your bills online and save more money.


One thought on “Got arthritis of the wrist from writing checks?

  1. Randall Pearson January 1, 2008 / 4:39 pm

    Banks are convinced they should try to get you to use online bill pay because it is “sticky”, meaning that if you invest the effort to set up and use online bill pay with them, it becomes a switching cost to you, so you’re less likely to change banks. They also have lots of research (mostly funded by people who have a vested interest in this outcome) that bill pay users are more profitable customers. However, don’t get your hopes up that using bill pay will cause you to have notably more money (ha ha).

    The good news is, a lot of software out there today eliminates the switching cost, so once you invest in setting up bill pay with CURRENT BANK, and CURRENT BANK is then bought by HORRIBLE BANK you can use a switching program to harvest all your payees and set them up at DELIGHTFUL BANK when you switch. If DELIGHTFUL BANK doesn’t offer this yet, maybe they’re not as delightful (or as savvy) as they should be. Keep looking for one with an automated switch kit that WILL do this for you.

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