Impulse habits part 1

The vending machine millionaires
People at work buy soda daily.  I know it is only $0.50 to $0.75 a pop, but it adds up over the month.  If you go to work 5 days a week and some people buy one everyday that adds up to $10-15 a month and over $120-180 a year.  Not only are people buying a soda most people get a candy bar as well.  A better approximation is that most are spending $1 a day which adds up to over $260 a year just to curb office munchies.  I would suggest to the afternoon snackers’ out there bringing in a soda from home since you can find soda much cheaper at the store. Also bring in snacks from home.  It is not too hard to bring in your own store bought snacks, unless you want to waste money make the vending machine owners rich! 

Just get gas
When going to the gas station just get gas.  Do not go in the store other than to hand them your cash. Do not get suckered into buying  the 84 ounce coke or $0.99 Hot Dog that has been sitting on the rolling oven for the last 3 hours. My weakness is always buying the power ball. Resist and save!  Dollar by Dollar it all adds up.

More habits to come…


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