Impulse habits part 2

The gym curse
Some have been suckered into the monthly $30 membership at the gym.  It end’s up costing over $360 for the year and others that cost quite a bit more.  Even if you go to the gym everyday which I have never met anyone that does, it still will cost you $1 a day.  Let’s not forget all the other products the vultures try to sell you while working out.  Also the drive over there and gas you spend to get to the gym.  Here is a list of activities you can do for free and stay in shape. 

  • -Walks around your neighborhood with friends, family, and pets

  • -Jogging

  • -Go hiking

  • -Swimming

  • -Softball Leagues

  • -Tennis

  • -Racquetball

  • -Basketball at the local park


One thought on “Impulse habits part 2

  1. karirn November 6, 2007 / 2:59 am

    It’s really difficult to get out of a membership, too. If they charge your credit card, you have to call some 800 number and it often turns into a nightmare. It took me several months to get the charges for Curves off my card.

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