Free steak dinner

I am a coupon machine which I will post about some other time.  Regardless, in my emails recently I got some great coupons from some restaurants.  One of the coupons was from Black Angus.  I love to go there for a nice teriyaki steak.  The night I went there my wife and I both had a steak and salad.  The price of the bill was only $20 because we had a coupon for one of the meals to be free.  Not bad for a good steak dinner.  This was the first time we have ever got out of there for under $50.  Here are some of the places that will send you some good coupons not only on your birthday but throughout the year:  Black Angus, Sweet Tomatoes, Maggianos, and I will show you some more in the future posts.  Go check out some of your favorite restaurants and sign up for the newsletter/ mailing list and you will start getting some coupons.


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