The good, the bad, and the ugly

Ice water is good
I know it is fun to go out to dinner.  One easy way to keep the bill a little less and make the savings over the course of the year add up is by just ordering a nice tall glass of ice water versus the soda that costs on average $2.50.  I know you get unlimited refills but think about this.  You and your significant other both get a soda that is $5 off the bat.  Most people go out to eat a few times a week and over the course of eating out for the week you will spend up to $15 just on soda.  So over the course of the year you could potentially save up $780 dollars from skipping the soda.  I know your thinking it is fun to have a soda with dinner but at the same time think about all you could do with that money.  

The constant cocktail
Let’s think about an even higher cost when going out to dinner.  Beer, cocktails, and shots can really stack the bill.  For numbers sake and assuming we are not all eating out super fancy each time let’s say the average drink is $5-7 a drink.  Same scenario a couple goes out a few times a week both getting just one drink each and it will add up to over $30-42 a week just for a drink with meals when eating out.  For the year that could end up costing you $1560-2184 over the course of the whole year.   

The wallet drainer
I’ am going to say it. “Cut back on Starbucks!”  Just because we see a Starbucks every mile does not mean we need to get a drink there everyday.  We all know those drinks are anywhere from $2-5 a drink.  I know some people who go everyday.  Just cutting back on it can save you hundreds and for some even thousands a year.

All these are okay every once in awhile but these are some pretty simple ways to save that will add up over time.


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