Two hours of entertainment

Movies are not cheap to go to anymore.  You have pay $9.50 per person and that does not include all the snacks as well.  It might be a better idea to wait for the movie to come out on video and rent them.  Just to go to a movie with you significant other can end up costing you a good $40.

Go to the movies 1 time a month:
Admission for 2 people: $19.00 
Large Popcorn: $5.00
Candy/ Chocolate: $5.00
2 Sodas: $10.00
Total: $39.00 over 12 months = $468.00  

What if you bring some kids and friends?  Two hours of entertainment can turn into a quick $100 spend! I think the theatres needs to start making it worth our while to go to movies.  They did come up with the stadium seating.  I think it is still better to relax and watch a movie at home and be comfortable and not getting taken to the cleaners for a movie and some popcorn.


One thought on “Two hours of entertainment

  1. rhea November 20, 2007 / 6:30 pm

    This issue makes me sooo mad. Price gouging at theaters is on an unjustified runaway path. I know theaters make little to nothing on movies, but the huge profit turned by concessions is disproportionate to a theater’s costs. What’s to stop them though? Attendance was declining for a while, but if I’m not mistaken, it’s made a tremendous rebound. Hollywood primarily governs the cost of movie making and therefore ticket prices, which is a separate issue in itself. Theaters push the public with rising concessions prices, and the public continues to pay. The same is true with sports arenas. No price for food or drink is too outrageous that people won’t pay it.

    It seems after 9/11 and what ensued with the nation, both ticket and concession sales were down at the movies I attended. Theaters were never packed, and no one had snacks during the movie anymore. The last year or two, it seems like that has completely reversed. We give consent to theaters to overcharge because no matter how much we grumble, we still pay. I rarely go to movies anymore because of cost, and I won’t buy concessions. I abandoned the hypothesis long ago that if maybe sales do better, prices will drop.

    Movies used to be a wonderful pastime for people of any age or financial bracket. It was affordable to go every week. As you illustrated, going to the movies is now an investment, and the cost is becoming less and less justifiable. Staying at home and renting is wonderful, but I don’t think the public should be forced to go that route when they have lined the movie industry’s pockets for so long.

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