The trilogy of holiday shopping

So I had a nice break from work over the holidays and it was so nice.  I am back at work now which is fine since I was starting to get bored with all this time off. HaHa. Let me tell you my wife and I did all the shopping you can imagine over the break.  We hit the stores on Black Friday, we hit the stores the day after Christmas, and we even hit the stores on New Years Day.  Of those 3 big shopping days without a doubt we found the best deals on New Year’s.  It seemed like the stores wanted to clear inventory that didn’t sell during the Holiday Season.  Trust me a lot of clothing stores were selling stuff for very cheap.  Some of the best deals we came across were at the mall in Dillard’s.  They had 50% off all there clearance items which were already marked at 50% off. I know you are thinking clearance is garbage.  I thought the same thing until I got there and realized practically everything in the Men’s Department was on sale.  $70 button down shirts were going for $14-20 a piece. They had pretty good deals out there.

Did you find any good deals or buy anything cool over the holidays?


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