Travel time

As some know I am a pretty big fan of the Discover credit card.  No they didn’t pay me anything to say that.  Here are the current specials they have for January, February, and March to earn more money.  They have 5% back on Airlines, Cruises, Hotels and Car Rentals.  Sounds like some of you might be taking a Q1 trip this year.

Are you planning any fun trips for 2008?


4 thoughts on “Travel time

  1. fatboyslimmed January 4, 2008 / 4:55 pm

    Never did you ever hear any millionaire anywhere say “Yeah. I got wealthy off my free credit card points” when interviewed.

    What do the 400 wealthiest individuals on the FORBES list attribute their wealth to: Not using credit cards. Avoiding Debt.


    Graciously living debt/credit card/auto payments/ free forever. My only debt is MY HOME.


  2. Sandy January 6, 2008 / 2:09 am

    There is nothing wrong with using credit cards and paying them off each month. If you are going to spend $200 a month on gas, why not use a credit card to earn some points? Then at the end of the month you can use $200 from your checking account to pay off the credit card.

    I agree that irresponsible people should avoid credit cards and that credit card debt is bad news.

    Credit card usage is not synonymous with debt.

  3. fatboyslimmed January 7, 2008 / 12:19 pm

    No millionaire ever got wealthy with free points, a hat, or a T-shirt. As the old saying goes: If you play with snakes, you will get bit”.

    If using credit cards floats your budget boat, go for it. I’ll pass on free points, the hat, and a T-Shirt. Thank you very much.


  4. moneywinks January 7, 2008 / 6:31 pm


    Thanks for reading my blog and your comments. I think you might be a little behind the times if you think credit card companies are just offering T-shirts and hats. The only stuff I get is P.F. Changs, Visa, Home Depot, Chili’s, and many other gift cards. If you save your points up even more you can get a iPod, laptop, and so much more. All free stuff because I use my card responsibly. You might want to do some research on what some of these companies are offering and they don’t even charge a annual fee.

    Like I said in previous posts which I hope you read “For the responsible credit card holders” credit cards are for people who pay them off monthly.

    Keep Saving!


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