Political money

Recently I have seen on the TV tons of coverage for the upcoming elections this year.  I must say in the past when I was younger I was more excited to choose sides and really follow it.  This year it seems like all the candidates are all saying the same thing.  Of course we know the Republicans and Democrats say things opposite.  I wish for one day in politics that the true colors of the candidates would be shown.  I hate the fact they they dodge questions and beat around the bush- or in some cases on Bush!

Seeing who is running for the primary I noticed that there really is no front runner for the Republicans.  On the Democratic side I see Edwards, Clinton, and Obama.  They are fighting tooth and nail. I was thinking will this country ever give Obama a fair chance?  Will this country give Bill and Chelsea’s mama another run?  This is a weird year for the election because it could history in the making for those two.

I have seen so many ads this year on-line and on TV that I am getting really sick of them.  Why do so many people give money to those campaigns?  Do they just want to push there own agenda if there “superhero” get elected?  Waste of money in my book.  Spend some of this money on people who really do need help.

Should be good to see how this all turns out.

Who are you pulling for in the election and any thought on them raising all this money?


One thought on “Political money

  1. Intrigued Viewer January 18, 2008 / 10:32 pm

    What sucks most about this run is that because we have two people “making history” the media continues to focus their attention on them, which only drowns out the voices on the real issues. Not that most elections are not about popularity votes, but for once I wish we could really have a vote on the issues. Gender & race aside, does anyone really know what each person is fighting to achive?

    My opinion is that the candidate that seems to be pushing more important issues on the table is Edwards, whom of which, is getting the shaft on the media coverage. When someone holds a lot of weight in real important issues, why arn’t we more inclined to listen up?

    It’s just too bad that over 80% of our nation wants the war to come to an end and the two candidates, from both sides that want to put more troops on the line are the two the media assumes will be the two we’ll be voting for, come the presedential election; Clinton & McCain. If that doens’t tell us how screwed up our actions are during this primary election, than I don’t know what is.

    So, if we’re going to put money anywhere, lets put it toward making the media cover stories worth reporting so that we all are capable enough to make an educated decision for our two primaries.

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