Value of the dollar

As some of you might know from reading my About Moneywinks page that I am currently in a MBA program.  It is going pretty good and I have been learning quite a bit.  Well last night I had class and I have to rush from work to get there by the time class starts.  So I get there and sit in a open seat only to realize a few minutes later that this guy comes in and sits next to me.  No big deal until about two seconds later a poof comes by and he smells horrible from smoking. 

Every time he moved in his seat or raised his arms the poof would come by and make me feel like I was now smoking with him.  I know many people who smoke, but they do not smell anywhere near as bad as this guy.  I bet he goes to his car during break and smokes cigarettes with the windows up.  This guy was the worst. 

During class we were talking about the value of the dollar and he was complaining that too many people go out and waste money on gambling.  He said, “I will never gamble because I know the value of a dollar.”  What a dump!  He knows nothing about the value of a dollar because he pisses away $5-6 on every pack he buys.  Should I print up my cost of having a smoke article and put it on his desk next class during the break while he is outside smoking?

I feel like people complain they do not have enough money, or need to make more. If they just quit these bad habits that do not really benefit them they could have more money and be healthier.  Oh well to each his own. I know for sure I will not be sitting next to him again!


One thought on “Value of the dollar

  1. Benjamin February 13, 2008 / 8:07 pm

    I totally think you should print out that article! That might open his eyes to his stupidity, and might make him think twice about what he does before he opens his mouth. Preach on MoneyWinks!

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