Free money for some

Well a few weeks back I talked about how we are going to be getting back some cash from the Government.  This is to help stimulate the economy so more people will spend. Well the bill finally passed.  There will be about 130 million people who will be getting a check in the mail. 

It looks like people will be getting the following money back:
If you are single and make up to $75,000 you should get around $600 back.
-If you are married filing jointly and make up to $150,000 you should be getting around $1200 back.
Do you have any thoughts on the Government going even deeper into debt just to give us this money back?


One thought on “Free money for some

  1. Benjamin February 20, 2008 / 1:34 am

    I think that the economy would be much better if the people of America knew how to spend their money. Rather then giving ill informed, buy anything, money burning a hole in the pocket type of people money back to spend carelessly on a new plasma TV, they should spend that money on classes that educate people about finances. If people knew how to manage a budget, or knew how to look at the market and plan for a recession, or even knew how an interest only loan worked on a house, then we would have better informed people that make better financial decisions that won’t lead to foreclosure. I am not saying that I make the best decisions in the world, but I sure as heck don’t need the $600 back because I saved… Anyways, enough with my rant…

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