Take your time with me and I will move on

I live in a generation where I do not want to wait for things.  Really if I want to learn anything I go straight to Google and search for it.  I want things quick and fast.  Am I spoiled because technology is the best it has ever been? 

Recently I have noticed with some of the businesses I have been in contact with that some people lack customer service and relationships.  If I have a question about a service, product, or whatever, and I call them, I expect a instant answer within 24 hours of me calling them if not sooner. 

If I email someone that I have spent thousands of dollars with, I expect a answer asap. Not days!  I feel like some people out there forget that we “the consumers”are the ones who choose where to spend our money.  At first they may be amazing at getting back to you.  But then, overtime you tend see a trend that takes them longer to get back to you.

If people are not good at getting back to me, you better believe I am looking for the person who wants to service me for my money.  Take your time with me and I will move on.

I think people need to go above and beyond to service people.  There is always someone else out there that will compete for your business.  If these businesses continue to be lazy they may be out of business one day.


One thought on “Take your time with me and I will move on

  1. Benjamin February 20, 2008 / 1:27 am

    I completely agree! I recently spent a lot of money with a company with a potential to spend a whole lot more, and when they got my business, they blew me off and didn’t answer my e-mails! I was mad and took my business to a competitor. Customer service should be number one when trying to grow a customer base. There are many ways to make money off of an existing, happy customer. One, the customer trusts you and values your service, and two, they will back you up and spread the word to other business seeking the same service! Here at Moneywinks they are all about saving money and maximizing our ROI… so remember, it cost less to keep an existing customer than to win a new one… End of story!

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