Personal credit maxed out

I watched a documentary last night called “Maxed Out“.  A co-worker of mine gave it to me to watch.  It was a good documentary about personal finance, but at the same time it was pretty sad.  This show was about people who are completely “maxed out” on their own personal credit. 

Some people have paid interest for 20 years and for some reason still can’t get caught up.  It also goes on to show all the people out their how they keep spending and buy stuff that they can’t afford using their credit cards.  It was a good eye opening story of people all over the United States who are hurting because they never understood how their credit cards worked and credit in general.  This documentary talks about real estate, credit cards, foreclosures, bankruptcy, credit collectors, and so much more. 

I would encourage people to watch it just to see what is going on in the world.  After watching this flick it makes me realize that I need to be even more careful in the financial decisions that I make.


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