Utility Bills

Here are a 5 ways to save on your utility bill: 

(1) If you are not using electronics unplug them.  Cell phone chargers, little appliances in the kitchen still use energy even tough they are not turned on.

(2) When using your heater to warm up every degree that you turn down the temperature you will roughly save up to 3-5% off your bill.

(3) Wash you clothes with cold water.  The soap will still get the taco sauce spills without hot water. 

(4) Buy Fluorescent bulbs from the local hardware store.  They are a little more expensive than normal bulbs but they last way longer and you will rarely have to change them.  During the life of the energy efficient bulb it can save $40-60 for the life of the bulb.

(5) Use a low flow shower head.  This will reduce the amount of water you use in the shower and lower your monthly water bill.


One thought on “Utility Bills

  1. StraderAde February 27, 2008 / 4:59 pm

    Thank you for these tips! Another huge way to save on that light bill is to turn lights off that you do not use! So many people will keep lights on all day – every day. People even leave their lights on during vacations. I have tested this theory and it works! Turn lights off after you are finished with them, and save!

    Again, Thank you for your tips that you offer on your site!

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