Local gas prices

Well I came across something pretty cool today online.  There is a site that showed what local gas prices were going for in the state of Arizona.  It allows you to see what the current gas prices are and which are closest to where you are at the time.  Check it out especially if you are in AZ here at Phoenix Gas Prices.  If you are outside of Arizona there is a site called Gas Buddy and you can search for your state by zip code and they will give you local prices.

I know this wont solve all the current money problems out there, but it is a place to save a few bucks when you go to fill up.


One thought on “Local gas prices

  1. Kari March 24, 2008 / 2:21 am

    I try to shop at safeway so I can get the $.10/gallon discount. It may not save much, but at 3.25 a gallon, 10 cents makes it feel a little bit better.

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