Car repairs

Recently my wife’s car needed a little work.  At least I thought it was going to be a quick power steering fluid leak.  But it turned out to be a bigger problem than we thought.  The car is only 8 years old and really has never had many problems so we decided to put some money into it.  We also got the brakes done, spark plugs, timing belt, water pump, and while we were at it got the oil changed as well.  The bill was not small, but I felt like it was good to do all preventive maintenance on it since we are planning on keeping the car for a couple more years.  The car is in great shape now.

You might be thinking why didn’t I save money and fix the car yourself?  That is not my expertise at all.  I did not even want to attempt it so I thought it was a good spend to get it professionally fixed.

I always suggest when getting cars repairs that you find someone you can trust.  Find out who your friends are using.  There are too many people out there who can take advantage of you. Also many of shops these days have websites with coupons on them.  So print those bad boys and save a little while you are it.


One thought on “Car repairs

  1. Kari March 24, 2008 / 2:20 am

    I’d like to get the number of your repairman and your car dealership source if possible. Thanks. 🙂

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