Paycheck to paycheck

Do you know someone who every time they get their hands on cash they spend it right away?  There are many people out there no matter how much money you give them they will always spend and never really learn how to save.  I am surprised at the people I know who live paycheck to paycheck but yet they smoke, have satellite TV, the $400 dollar car payment, and much more.  If they only spent a few minutes and changed some habits the stress of that kind of living could be lifted off their shoulders in very little time.

Plain and simple here is the way to always have a cushion of money.  If you make money then you are off to a good start.  If you always have more money coming in than is going out then you are doing even better.  Try to cut back on things you really do not need. Finally if you get a raise  at work there is no need to increase your spends just because you got a raise. Try to the next time you get a raise increase and move it into savings accounts.


One thought on “Paycheck to paycheck

  1. Benjamin March 26, 2008 / 7:46 pm

    I know someone like that! I remember he went out and bought a dog, then a new MP3 player, then spent it on food and God knows what else. He earned the name “2GJB” which will live on forever!!!

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