Renting storage sheds

Are you a pack rat?  Are you a packer so much that you need to rent a storage shed?  I think a waste of money is to put stuff in storage.  You pay at the least $50 a month to throw stuff in there and sometimes people keep them for years.  By the time they get their stuff/junk/crap out of there they realize it was stupid to even get a storage unit.  For $600 a year ($50 a month x 12) you can go buy a new coffee table, or a new mattress.  I am sure the even bigger storage units cost much more.

People are paying places to store their junk.  If you can’t fit the stuff you have where you live, sell it.  Even if you know you will want it in the future, sell it.  When you want it again shop around to buy it back.  A lot of money is wasted on these units and I really do not see any value in having them. 

I think that is the business I want to get into. Maybe one day I will own a storage center.  Seems like good monthly revenue.  Liability insurance cannot be that much considering people are storing junk in their units.


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