I sold my car

Here is the deal. I sold my car today for what I paid for it 14 months ago.  I always get my cars from a wholesaler so it works out good.  I have not got a replacement car yet but my wife and I have decided that we will take our time on figuring out what car to get next.  We still have a nice SUV that just got repaired so we are good to go for some time.  So why did I sell my car?

My wife and I both work about 1 mile from where we currently live. The sale of the car was not because we need the money but where we are currently working and driving to at this time doesn’t really require us to have two cars.  As a result we put away all the cash from the car I bought 14 months ago so when it comes time to buy a new one I will have the cash to do it again.  There will be a time in the coming months where we will want 2 cars again especially if we end up moving again.  So as a result of the car we are going to save about $100 in gas a month and about $100 in insurance for the car. $200 a month is not a bunch, but at least I can walk sometimes to work and get some excersise.  Sometimes we can carpool which is my way of going “green” since everyone is talking about it so much. Ha!  I really feel like we did not drive my car that much other than maybe  a 100 miles a week so for now this was the best move.


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