Happy tax day

Today is tax day.  Hopefully you all got your taxes done on time.  As some of you know you will be getting a kick back from the stimulus bill passed by the government.  Here is the schedule for the release of the money below.

If you filed electronically and depending on the last two numbers of your Social Security Number you rebate should be in your account by:

00-20: May 2
21-75: May 9
76-99: May 16

If you filed the old fashion way of mail you should be getting your rebate later than most on the folllowing days using the last two digits of your social security:

00-09: May 16
10-18: May 23
19-25: May 30
26-38: June 6
39-51: June 13
52-63: June 20
64-75: June 27
76-87: July 4
88-99: July 11


One thought on “Happy tax day

  1. Sandy April 16, 2008 / 4:33 am

    I am very interested to see if the President’s plan will help stimulate the economy!

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