San Francisco trip

Happy May to you all.  This month my wife and I are taking a long weekend to San Francisco.  I have not been there since high school and she has never been.  Anyway, we already bought our airfare a few months ago through Southwest and got a smoking deal.  We are both flying round trip for $300.  We watched the airfare for a few weeks up to the day we bought it for a great price. 

Then we booked our hotel at a hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf. It was going to run us about $250 a night for a 3 star hotel.  Then I went on priceline for the last few weeks and was bidding on a better hotel for us.  I ended up getting us a 4-star hotel for only $122 a night and it is non-smoking. So we are going to save an extra $100 per night and have a better hotel.  So I cancelled my other booking because all along I wanted that to be our emergency hotel if we could not find a better hotel.  I am really happy we found a great deal and the trip is going to be great.  If you wait for the deals you can find them.  More vacations are to come this year.  I will keep you all posted.


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