Coupon emails

When you go out to eat which we all do and enjoy, sign up for coupons if they have a email list delivered to your email.  I know you are thinking, I don’t want junk mail everyday.  So what I did was set up another email account, since there are plenty of free ones out there. Now when I go eat at places I like, I sign up for their mailing lists.  So a couple weeks ago I went to this good place that sells good teriyaki bowls. If this place had a website I would share the site with you but they do not. It usually cost me about $8.00 to get a combo which comes with the bowl, a cucumber salad, drink, and a spring roll.  Pretty good deal even when the total is $8 big ones.  So when I was there I signed up and they recently sent me a coupon.  It was $5 off any combo meal.  So I went back today to use my coupon for a combo #7 and paid $2.62 for my lunch.  The nice thing about this coupon is that it is good for a month so I will be printing it up and using it again.  Sign up for the coupons at the places you love.  Some places send really good stuff.


One thought on “Coupon emails

  1. Sandy May 8, 2008 / 8:48 pm

    $2.62 is a great deal for a terriyaki combo meal!

    I am on the Sweet Tomatoes coupon e-mail list. They sent me a coupon when I first signed up and one when it was my birthday. Also, Black Angus sends out great coupons on your birthday. It’s worth a little junk e-mail to get great coupons at delicous restaurants.

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