How you can reduce the price of gas

We have all read the articles on how to make gas prices go down.  Some examples are to not fill up for 1 day and others were to boycott a big player like Exxon.  We all know those will not work because if you skip one day of filling up you are either going to fill up the day before or the day after.  Here are some real ways that I thought would be a good way to make the fill ups at the pump less often and decrease the demand of gas.

1.  Ride the bus one time/or multiple times a week instead of driving alone to a places
2.  Walk to local places and get some exercise
3.  Prioritize errands so that you take the most efficient routes
4.  Empty your trunk of anything you do not need back there.  Lighter the car the better the gas mileage will be.
6.  Check the air pressure on your tires
6.  Ask around work to carpool with co-workers
7.  If you are a multiple-car family try to reduce down to 1-2 cars and share.
8.  If you need a new car consider getting a hybrid
9.  Ride a bike to work and other places
10.  Get a motorcycle/Scooter

Just imagine if everyone out there did one of these things consistently and the impact we could have on reducing gas prices. 

Do you have any other ways to make trips to the pump less often?


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