$4 Gallon Gas

I really did not want to have to write another story on gas but I thought since gas is now $4 a gallon it must be talked about.  This is a historic event in America right now.

So the cost is extremely expensive and is causing consumers to shift their spending from other things to keep gas in the tank.  Here is the break down on all the hidden fees from a gallon of gas.

The estimate of $4 per Gallon breakdown:

Gas Stations. They only take about .8-.13 cents per gallon and that is not even profit. 
Taxes. The government takes roughly .40-.52 cents per gallon of gas and half of that goes to the Fed.
Transportation. Moving the gas from the refineries to the gas stations cost about .25-.35 per gallon.
Refining. Exxon, Valero, Chevron take about .30-.37 per gallon to turn the crude oil into gas.
Crude Oil.  This is the most expensive part of the process and cost on average $2.50-2.70 per gallon currently.

I think the part that bugs me the most is the government and their tax cut they get from it.  They tax my paycheck, my property, food, and everything I buy.  And for some reason they always need more money.  We need someone who can balance the books in this country.


2 thoughts on “$4 Gallon Gas

  1. Connie June 12, 2008 / 2:58 am

    Gas prices are absolutely outrageous, and it is a shame what effect they are having on the overall economy… I shudder to think at the effect it’ll have on summer tourism. For goodness sakes ppl will have to think twice about the trip to visit granny only a few states away…better hope granny has email or picture messaging, cuz it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better anytime soon.

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