Money minded

Why is that everything I think about has a money value?  I grew up in a house were we always had food and clothes.  I was the type of person growing up where I would spend money as soon as I got it.  It was not until my high school senior year when I needed to have an elective class that it changed.

I chose a personal finance class. In all my classes in high school it was the best class I had ever taken.  The class taught us about debit cards, loans, savings accounts, insurance, taxes, and so much more.  It was a breath of fresh air from writing english papers, or doing science labs.  It was something I felt I had been jipped in education system for not spending more time with me on educating me about money and finances.  So after that class I finally realized how important it was to handle money in the correct manner. 

I think high schools and colleges should make it be mandatory to teach people about personal finance.  These classes will affect people for the rest of their lives. Either way it was the best class I took in high school and read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and it really opened my eyes about money.


One thought on “Money minded

  1. Steph F June 29, 2008 / 5:55 am

    I completely agree! I know I wish I would have taken a personal finance class in school. Maybe you should teach one? 🙂

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