Buying used goods

Here are some things that you can buy used and save some coin:

Books – There are tons of used book stores where you can buy books for 75% off. Or you could rent books from the library.
DVD’s and CD’s – Just make sure they are not all scratched up.  Most places allow for a return up ot 30 days if you are not satisfied.
Time Shares – Timeshares lose a large percentage of their value right after they’re purchased. Why not buy a used time share? Or don’t even buy one at all.
Cars – The depreciate as soon as you buy them.  They also do not make you money in the long run.
Tools – So they might be as shiny as new ones but they will still get the job done.


One thought on “Buying used goods

  1. Topwaystosave August 13, 2008 / 3:58 am

    Used books can save a ton. I remember in college some text books cost as much as $200 each. At the end of the year you could trade it in as long as the next edition hadn’t come out and get some decent money back, but not even close to what you paid.

    Buying the used books saved so much. There are so many websites selling used books now for so much cheaper than the old campus book store. I just wish they had those options when I was in college.

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