Extreme Pinching

I know it has been way too long.  I really have not had many ideas lately, but more will be coming.  I was thinking that the economy is really not getting that much better and here are some more ways to tighten up and save a few more dollars around your house.

Cable TV – Evaluate the current services you have and see if you can cut out a tier to a smaller package.  In some cases this can save you $5-$30 a month.

Air Dry – The dryer in your house uses quite a bit of energy.  It is okay to hang some clothes out to dry especially the stuff that you are going to end up having to iron.

Plan Ahead – Try to plan your meals out for a week in advance.  This will keep you from buying more stuff than you need from the grocery store.

Leftovers – When you go out to eat the portions seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  Make it a point to take half of it home so you can get another meal out of it.


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