Genie Car Wash in Scottsdale

This has to be the worst place I have taken my car to get the oil changed and washed.  I had a coupon to get both done $18.99.  Well they try to up sell you almost to the point of where it would have been better off buying a new car.  The customer service staff stinks and everyone is not friendly.  I will not be going back their again.  Why?  They forgot to put my air filter cap back on and also my transmission pole back into the socket.  So much for that free 30 point inspection.  If I would have drove off who knows I might have had a engine with liquid all over it because they forgot to put all the caps on it.  The manager Mark VanDormolen said there was nothing he could do.  I wanted his bosses number in which he said he was the man and that the owner does not accept comments. I would advise against this place.  Is there any good places to get good Car customer service anymore?  I did save money going there but I had to babysit guys who didn’t know how to double check there work. Genie Car Wash in Scottsdale is the worst in the valley.


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