Credit card tips

Card limits shrinking
Have you noticed lately that many credit card companies are starting to lower limits to customers?  They must be filling the pinch.  Some companies are just doing it over night and before you know it your card may be declined when you go to make a purchase.  All that is happening is that credit card companies are trying to manage their risk.  For the last few years it has been a joy ride so they decided they were going to tighten the rope a little.  If you noticed that your card limit has been reduced, reach out to your credit card company and ask them why it was reduced. 

Credit Card TipsWhat is the right credit card for you?
If you have been a reader of my blog you know that I think credit cards are for people who are going to be responsible.  If you need a new card, here is a cool site that could be very useful when you are going to get one.  It is called Low Cards and it allows you to compare rates, rewards, rebates, and so much more with over 1,000 credit cards out there.  I try to avoid ones with annual fees and go after free ones that offer me cash back and gift cards.


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