Free stuff from coupons

We do not have stock in the products pictured below.  We only got them for free.  How did we get them for free?  My wife and I have some good friends who told us about 6 months ago that they cut coupons.  In my mind it seemed like a complete waste of time.  You have to go through the paper, cut the coupons and file them.  All to save a few bucks.  I guess right now in this economy is was not a bad idea.  I still did not want to do it.  My wife suggested that we give it a shot.  So we got the Sunday paper and started cutting them weekly.  By the way, these days you can get the paper delivered to your door for $1 on Sunday’s.  Everything you see in the picture below we paid $0 for it.

Free Stuff
How much time do you spend cutting coupons and shopping?
We spend no more than 30 minutes on Sunday cutting and my wife putting them in a file.  We always go to the store on Sunday and we never spend more than an hour at the grocery store. So for the whole week we spend about 1.5 hours on the whole expierence.

How did you get all that stuff for free?
This is just part of the stockpile. Things go on sale all the time and many stores will double coupons.  For example, all of that toilet paper you see in the picture went on sale for $1.00.  We had a coupon and got it for free.   Just last week we got five tubes of toothpaste.

Do we only buy stuff with coupons?
Nope.  If we need something we buy it even if we do not have a coupon. If we need something and we have a coupon we use it.  We look at coupons as a way to save a little extra. 

If you got the time which doesn’t take much, give it a shot.  Before you know it you will be saving more than you spend at the grocery store.


2 thoughts on “Free stuff from coupons

  1. Cheyenne October 13, 2010 / 11:51 pm

    I love using free coupons and I encourage everyone to do the same

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