Second Thought

Awhile back, we were at Costco with some of our friends.  We were both shopping for things that we each needed. I noticed that they were putting things in their cart that they did not necessarily need. But who am I to say what people need and don’t need at Costco?

Anyway, towards the end of the shopping trip, before we got into the line to check out, they went through their shopping cart and decided if they really needed each item.  They ended up deciding not to purchase several of the items they had initially wanted.  At first they gave into the impulse, but after giving it second thought they decided to put things back.  From what I saw, they put back about $50 worth of products.

I thought that was a great idea.  If you need it, you might as well buy it.  But when it comes to the extra stuff, I like the idea of giving each item a second thought before heading to the cashier.  Give it a try – you might end up putting some stuff back and saving a few bucks.


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