Buying things Online

Anytime I buy anything online I always do my research.  For example, if I need airfare I go to the airlines I prefer to fly on and see what is the lowest price they are offering.  From there, I go to some of the other travel sites such as Travelocity, Expedia & Hotwire and see if they can beat the prices I have found.  Sometimes they can and sometimes they can’t. 

Most of the time with the people I chat with just book and really do not shop around.  I always think there is a better deal out there.  So I spend a little extra time searching and end up saving quote a bit of money.  This just does not apply to airfare it can also apply to buying furniture, cars, electronics, hotels, and anything else you can buy online.  More times than not you will find a better price.  Good luck and search for deals.


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