The Internet Age

Do you remember the days when we hardly ever used the internet?  It really was not until 2000 that I started using it.  Wow!  Things have changed. 

Anyway, I was thinking today how the internet saves me money all the time.  Whenever I get ready to go out to eat, I will go to the restaurants site and see if they have any coupons.  It only takes me a few minutes but most of the time there is an email club you can sign up. 

I know what you are thinking.  “I get plenty of snail mail.  I get plenty of junk mail in my inbox, why do I need more?”  Well, here is what I did.  I set up a separate free email account that is for coupons only.  That way I can sign up for all my favorite places to eat and manage the stuff they send me from one inbox.  Most places will send you coupons regularly.  It is easy and saves me money. The internet is great.

If you know of any good email clubs please post away so others know where to sign up at.


One thought on “The Internet Age

  1. sam November 18, 2009 / 9:42 pm They were recently selling $20 coupons for $2 if you spent over $50. Easy to do if you go with friends and get one bill. Pizza Picasso was one of the many restaurants named. Smart feller like you probably already knows this.

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