My Electric Bill

Have you ever actually looked closely at your electric bill?  What a joke!  Here are the details of my bill.

Cost of Electricity Used:

  • Basic service charge
  • Delivery service charge
  • Environmental benefits service charge
  • Federal environmental improvement surcharge
  • Competition rules compliance charge
  • System benefits charge
  • Power supply adjustments
  • Metering
  • Meter Reading
  • Billing
  • Generation of electricity on-peak
  • Generation of electricity off-peak
  • Transmission and ancillary services
  • Transmission cost adjustment

Taxes and fees:

  • Regulatory assessment
  • State sales tax
  • County sales tax
  • City sales tax
  • Franchise fee

After crunching the numbers I spent roughly 25% on actual electricity and the other 75% on other fees and taxes!