This year is flying by so fast.  I remember just thinking the other day that the year seemed like it just started.  I guess staying busy has been a good thing in 2009 with work & travel. 

I was looking at my calander today and noticed that we are only 7 weeks away from Christmas.  It is going to creep up even quicker.  It is time to put a few bucks away each week so when the times comes to go shopping you will have some money for gifts.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the holidays.

– Do not spend more than you can afford.
– Set a budget for gifts and stick to it.
– Shop around to find the best deal. (Online & Offline)
– Help someone in need. (Homeless, Angel Tree Gift)
– Be creative

It will be a great holiday season this year with family and friends.  Remember you do not have to spend alot of money for it to be a ton of fun.


I want the lowest possible price

Most of us when we are buying products online we look around to find the best price.  The other day I came across a site that will be able help consumers find that deal.  It is called Beat My Price.  It is a people powered price comparison site that allows you to the find the best price online.  Check it out. You might be able to find a great deal.  After all we usually go to multiple sites until we find the price we are willing to pay.

Grocery Shopping

So it has been about a month since my wife and I started cutting coupons for the grocery store.  We had a couple friends telling us about there successes in doing it so we decided we would give it a shot.  I will be honest, I was not too excited to really do it because I did not look forward to the time it was going to take to cut the coupons, get them organized, and then spend hours in the store buying products.  Well it turned out to be a very smooth process and I would recommend to anyone who wants to save a little more money. 

It all starts with the Sunday newspaper.  Clip coupons you think you are going to use for things you typically buy.  Then organize those.  The whole process should only take about 20 minutes.  Then you should only spend about 1 hour at the store.  Some weeks you will want to use your coupons while others may not work.  It is like a game sometimes you can find a great deal while other times not.  I suggest that if you need something and it is still not on sale get.  I have read some people are extreme about it and will only buy things with coupons.  We are not.  We just want to save where we can.  Better than nothing right?

As a result of this we have saved over $200 in the first month.  Not bad for being new at it.  On our most recent trip we spent $23 and saved a whopping $75.  That is the best we have done so far.  Not a bad savings idea for the little amount of time it takes.

The trilogy of holiday shopping

So I had a nice break from work over the holidays and it was so nice.  I am back at work now which is fine since I was starting to get bored with all this time off. HaHa. Let me tell you my wife and I did all the shopping you can imagine over the break.  We hit the stores on Black Friday, we hit the stores the day after Christmas, and we even hit the stores on New Years Day.  Of those 3 big shopping days without a doubt we found the best deals on New Year’s.  It seemed like the stores wanted to clear inventory that didn’t sell during the Holiday Season.  Trust me a lot of clothing stores were selling stuff for very cheap.  Some of the best deals we came across were at the mall in Dillard’s.  They had 50% off all there clearance items which were already marked at 50% off. I know you are thinking clearance is garbage.  I thought the same thing until I got there and realized practically everything in the Men’s Department was on sale.  $70 button down shirts were going for $14-20 a piece. They had pretty good deals out there.

Did you find any good deals or buy anything cool over the holidays?